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"The Memoir '44 of Soccer Games"

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By Eric Summerer
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December 27, 2010 — Soccer Tactics WORLD was named the number one Sports boardgame by Eric Summerer on the Dice Tower podcast; Episode 193: Top Ten Sports Games. Thanks Eric and the Dice Tower!

October 2010 —
ST Games sponsored the LISA Mini-Festival in Sooke.

November 2010 —
ST Games sponsored the LISA Super 8's at Beckwith Park.

April 2010
— ST Games sponsored the Gordon Head Jamboree

September 7, 2009 —
Soccer Tactics will be features on an upcoming episode of the hit CBC TV show 'Dragons Den'!

September 1, 2009 —
ST Games is pleased to announce that retail giant Zellers will stock Soccer Tactics WORLD across Canada.

December 5 , 2008 —
The Soccer Paper — Soccer Tactics World a World of Fun

December 5, 2008 —
The Soccer Paper — Interview with Randy Thompson, Creator of Soccer Tactics World

August 13, 2008 —
N. Van boy off to Barca (with endorsement in hand)

July 28, 2008 —
Transit Soccer FunFest 2008

July 20, 2008 — The Nations Cup

July 17, 2008 — Famous Brazilian Senator knows SOCCER TACTICS WORLD

June 21, 2008 — MS Kick for the Cure!

June, 2008 — ST Games sponsored the "Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club's 2008 Challenge Cup" taking place on June 7 and 8 in Markham Ontario.
This is a major tournament for kids in the Greater Toronto area. U-M Soccer Club and ST Games donated 60 games to kids.

March, 2008 — Toronto Soccer Association's March Break Tournament
ST Games was happy to Sponsor the 2008 March Break Tournament in Toronto! There were 60 teams participating, and we donated 60 games, one for each team. The games went to the 'Most Sportsmanlike' player on each team.

October15, 2007RIO GRANDE GAMES as ST Games distributor

September, 2007EUROSPORT
ST Games is pleased to announce that Eurosport will be selling Soccer Tactics WORLD through their major online soccer store:

June 14, 2007 — Victoria Times-Colonist Article

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